My Story

After searching for 15 years to find a creative outlet, the artist in me finally found Venetian plaster. Aged 16 I loved everything Art, studied art at A level, but thats where it ended, 

Then one day I found venetian plaster and was absolutely blown away. A product that is so versatile, any texture, any colour in any pattern is exactly what I needed. 

When producing my work, I draw on inspirations I got when travelling around the world, the vibrant colours and rugged textures side by side with sophistication and elegance. Especially from visiting the Taj Mahal in India, which is built entirely of white marble. So much of my work, especially the soft sheen finishes, remind me of this magnificent building.

My clients can expect one to one contact to establish exactly what the vision is, or to give artistic direction to an idea the client may have. I will bring your ideas to life.